About NLarn

3293 days ago

NLarn is a roguelike game and as such a remake of the classic game Larn.

My intention when starting this project was to get a copy of Larn that one could actually play: I just couldn’t stand the user interface of the original. To improve it, I peeked into the original code, which revealed to be unmaintainable. So a rewrite seemed to be the best idea – and that is what I did.

As I never really played Larn, NLarn might be quite different to Larn in certain areas, but at least I tried to follow the original. Some aspects of Larn’s game-play (which I only experienced by reading the code) seemed a bit weird and didn’t suit my taste, so I changed them intentionally. Other changes are caused by the unreadability of Larn’s code.

As todays computers are a bit more advanced compared to those in the eighties, I could do a completely different approach to how things are handled under the cover.

Very noticeable differences to the original so far include:

  • advanced user interface
  • extremely different item handling
  • extended monster AI
  • a real town
  • colour