Released 0.6.1

22 October 2010, 19:58

We are happy to announce a new version of NLarn. After the last version was quite crash-prone, this release fixes all the bugs we could find and also incorporates a lot of fixes for minor issues. Thanks to everybody who provided feedback. We really appreciate your help!

Get it from Sourceforge.

Saved games from versions 0.6 are compatible with this version. If you have installed a previous version with the Windows Installer package you can simply run the new installer and install over the previous version.


  • Several improvements to auto-travel.
  • Permanently display the item description in the inventory.
  • Modified behaviour when picking up items: ‘,’ just gets the item ‘g’ asks for the amount to pick up Reported by Xecutor.
  • Use shortened weapon names for the wielded weapon display.
  • Added an option to disable automatic saving.
  • Show spell level in book description.
  • Set native end-of-line characters for nlarn.ini-sample. Reported by R. Alan Monroe.
  • Show a popup message when loading or saving the game.
  • Display the message when selecting a position in an popup window. Return the cursor to the player with ‘@’.
  • Disable auto-pickup for the player’s position after the player has chosen to abort picking up an item.
  • Added a message when aborting a spell or hitting an unseen monster with a spell.
  • Blessed scrolls of teleport always take the player to town.

Fixed bugs

  • Recognize keypad enter on Windows. Reported by Xecutor and Michael Ax.
  • Allow using numpad direction keys for fast movement with num lock off on Windows.
  • Offer only items that can be blessed or cursed for curse removal or blessing.
  • Delete the player’s memory of the map when successfully casting ‘alter reality. Reported by Michael Ax.
  • Fixed the scroll of genocide monster. Reported by Michael Ax.
  • Interpret ‘j’ and ‘k’ as mnemonic letters in the spell casting dialog when another letter has been entered before.
  • Abort spawning new monsters when a map is fully crowded. Recalculate number of monsters on a map when restoring a saved game. Previously, an unlimited number of monsters has been created when restoring a game frequently. Reported by Peter Casey and Michael Ax.
  • Added missing monster effect descriptions. Without this, the monster description returned “An uninjured elf, fleeing ().” for an elf affected by “phantasmal forces”.
  • Fixed a very frequent random crash, a very rare crash, and some pieces of code that potentially could have caused crashes.
  • Make aborted spells not cost turns.
  • Fix an assertion when aborting phantasmal forces and an information leak in that spell.
  • Initialize wizard_mode game property before creating a new game. This is necessary if we want to stock the DND store differently depending on whether a game is started in wizard mode or not.
  • Remove notes from items sold to the trade post.
  • Fixed many memory leaks.
  • Fixed a typo.


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