Released 0.7.2

6 July 2012, 19:54

After only a short span of time, the next release on NLarn is finished.

The most significant change is the availability of a MacOS X installer.
NLarn uses SDL PDCurses on OS X, which allows to scale the window; the font size will change with the window size. It is known to work on Snow Leopard and Lion. As it is a 64-bit application it will not work on older Macs. Currently the ‘\’ key (which will open the list of discovered items) is not recognized (at least with a german keyboard layout), the reason is under investigation. If anybody has an idea how to solve this, I’d be more than glad to hear from you!

Except this, most predominantly a lot of bug fixing and mending was undertaken, but still some features were added. Saved games created by previous versions are obsolete.

Download it from sourceforge and I hope you enjoy playing it!

The changes.

  • Added an OS X disk image with “installer”.
  • Use SDL PDCurses per default on OS X. This allows to scale the window and set the window icon and title when running.
  • Implemented magic resistance for monsters. The hell hound, the spirit naga and the demon lords and prince are now resistant to damage cause by magic (currently only the magic missile).
  • The spells lightning, cone of cold and fireball can now destroy doors.
  • It is now possible to target a spell while blinded.
  • Implemented the disarming of traps and the removal of traps from containers(key: ‘D’). Moved the previous shortcut for the list of discovered landmarks from ‘D’ to CTRL+D.
  • When quaffing healing or power potions at full hp or mp the maximum for the specific stat is increased.
  • Allow ranged attacks on invisible monsters and decreased the chance to hit then with melee and ranged attacks.
  • Abort searching when monsters are close.
  • The metamorph will now drop it’s weapon when turning into a monster that cannot use it; the new monster’s hp depend on the relative amount of the new monster type’s maximum hp.
  • Show a message when an item is identified by wearing it.
  • Ensure that unique weapons won’t break.
  • Added version information to the Windows installer.
  • Display a message when using the potion of full healing.

The fixed bugs.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a blast of fire (caused by hell hounds or red dragon) destroyed items in the inventory.
  • Fixed a crash when a monster triggerd a trap with a specific message.
  • Various fixes and enhancements for spheres of anihillation.
  • Do not swap weapons when none is readied.
  • Inhibit various actions while paralyzed.
  • Corrected combat messages and disable looking around while blinded.
  • Fixed the spell “polymorph”.
  • Ensure the townsfolk don’t block important places.
  • Some fixes to the monastery:
    • Fix two crashes: one occured when aborting the item selection; the other when uncursing uncursed, but unidentified items.
    • The monastery will no longer “remove curses” on containers (i.e. traps).
    • Ensure the price for remove curse is at least 1gp.
    • Handle plural case in a monastery message.
  • Avoid ammo that is stuck inside walls.
  • Fix repair price calculation for blessed items.
  • Ensure the scroll of blank paper is unlabeled.
  • Show sec. weapon and quivered item in obituary.
  • Corrected the description of the spell “cancellation”.
  • Don’t show the name of unseen monsters.


Really liking the game so far. Although, it would be nice if the enter button could be used to make selections and if there was an option to pick up all items in a pile at once. And if the game told you what you are standing on when you move over it instead of having to use the look command every time. Other than that, I really like it.

Also, the zip file version doesn’t seem to work. Only the installer version.

Any way to get it to work on win 98 se? I haven’t had any luck.

— Legend · 25. July 2012, 15:08 · #

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