Released 0.5.2

11 January 2010, 16:55

A new version of NLarn is available. This is a bug-fix and refinement-only release, fixing all known issues with version 0.5.1. Get it from Sourceforge.

Saved games from previous versions are not compatible with this version. Please finish your game before installing this update. If you have installed a previous version with the Windows Installer package you can simply run the new installer and install over the previous version.

Changes in this version:

  • Improved maze creation: no more unreachable areas when a level contains a treasure room.
  • Stairways, the volcanic shafts and the bank branch office are placed in dead ends in the maze. Modified the colour of volcano and dungeon entrance to make them distinguishable from monsters.
  • Changed the floor image to a dot (.) to make finding unexplored regions possible.
  • Slightly rearranged town buildings and added an altar.
  • Revised and extended in-game help.
  • Added a README file with basic instructions and other information.
  • Cursedness / blessedness of an item is revealed when dropping it on an altar. The item description reflects if an item is known not to be cursed.
  • Destroy over-/under-enchanted items (> +3 / < -3).
  • Not all items are available in the DND store, only essential equipment. The items are displayed as identified and identified by purchasing them.
  • Implemented aggravate monster.
  • Reduced the speed at which level effects affect items.
  • Improved the way the player’s invisibility is displayed.
  • Turned spell of genocide into a scroll of genocide monster.
  • When casting a spell of type ray, all monsters standing in the way are affected.
  • Roll against constitution when getting poisoned to check if the player resists. The special monster attacks blindness, confusion paralysis and drain life do not automatically succeed for every attack.
  • Enhanced the obituary further: display attributes, equipment, inventory and effects.
  • Removed sequential numbers from inventory dialog. Made it broader by 4 columns to have enough space for the blessedness information.
  • Modified number and string input function to allow overwrite mode.
  • Ask for the desired amount when picking up gold manually.
  • Changed the key to take items out of containers from ‘t’ to ‘g’.
  • Changed key used to drink from fountain to ‘q’.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed flooding behavior of cloud kill, flood and magic fire. Fixed a crash when casting these spells near the borders of the map. Fixed casting these spells multiple times onto the same map squares.
  • Fixed screen drawing when using the Scroll of Pulverisation.
  • Fixed messages when gaining an experience level.
  • Fixed crash in item_enchant() / item_disenchant().
  • All unique weapons are always available in the DND store.
  • Fixed a crash when taking stackable items out of containers.
  • The volcano entrance now leads to level V1, not V3.
  • Examining the player’s current position no longer counts as a move.
  • New monsters are placed outside of the player’s visible area.
  • Fixed the code to find an available space in a given area which would fail quite frequently before for small areas (e.g. when generating gnome kings).
  • Fixed some special monster attack related bugs: Spirit Protection and the umber hulk’s confusion attack work again.
  • Fixed number and string input function on Windows.
  • Auto-pickup no longer asks how many items to pick up when picking up a stack of items.
  • The regular prices of items in no longer displayed in the trade post. Items sold to the trade post are identified before being added to the DND store.
  • Corrected item descriptions: a/an is properly used.
  • Use the plural when applicable in player_inv_pre_add() (e.g. “3221 gold pieces are too heavy for you.“).
  • Allow using of all number keys when displaying a message.


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