Released 0.5.1

15 November 2009, 17:20

A new version of NLarn is available. This is a bug-fix and refinement-only release, thus all the changes are small, but so should be the number of bugs. Get it from Sourceforge.

If you have installed the previous version using the Windows Installer package you can simply run the new installer and install over the previous version.

Changes in this version:

  • Monsters do either pick up a single item or move. Previously monsters could even pick up multiple items and move as well.
  • The Leprechaun steals and teleports again.
  • Added burnt/corroded/rusty to item description.
  • Fixed messages given when changing the level.
  • Drinking a potion of forgetfulness could lead to a crash. This has been fixed.
  • Washing at the fountain had been assigned the ‘t’ key and been described as tidy up at fountain. This has been reassigned to ‘W’ with the description wash at fountain.
  • Added description messages when using stationary objects.
  • Thrones could generate multiple gnome kings. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed order of messages when killing a monster and thus gaining an experience level.
  • Monsters can no longer enter a level when the entrance is blocked.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when examining a position with a monster on it.
  • Fixed a mistakable message when casting the spell vaporize rock.
  • Started using a directory for the user’s game related files; read .ini-file from there; put save file into it. Under Linux this directory is called ~/.nlarn, under Windows it is below Application Data (or the localized version thereof).
  • Read settings from the .ini-file correctly when restoring a saved game.
  • Fixed a crash when pressing the windows keys while having a window open.
  • Gems sold to the bank do no longer appear in the DND store.
  • Items sold to the trade post are refurbished before being added to the DND store.
  • The bonus of armour and weapons sold in store is now known to the player.
  • Fixed a crash when displaying high scores and the current score is not in the list.
  • Fixed a crash in large inventories when scrolling with page down starting with the second entry.
  • Added monsters and the player to the map shown at the end of the game. Added some statistics to the obituary.
  • Player dies if strength or dexterity sink below 1.


It seems to crash a LOT. I was going around casting a bunch of spells, and then it crashed. Then I opened it again, my savefile was gone, and I opened a casket, and it crashed again. There should probably be emergency saves for backup reasons.

— Andrew · 19. November 2009, 05:59 · #

Also, if you try to change the filename of a obituary file, it really freaks out.

— Andrew · 19. November 2009, 06:11 · #

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